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Tenth Anniversary of Life Time's Complimentary Two-Week D. TOX Nutrition Program Kicks Off January 8

More than one million participants have embarked on the 14-Day whole-food eating routine.

Virtual program open to everyone with average weight loss of 5-7 pounds

CHANHASSEN, Minn., Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- New Year's resolutions aside, nearly everyone wants to clean up their eating following a holiday season of parties and celebrations but getting started can be a challenge. Enter D. TOX, Life Time's simple-to-follow, 14-day nutrition program to help people kickstart their health and wellness journey for 2024. The virtual, coach-assisted program starts Jan. 8 and concludes Jan. 21.

"D.TOX provides the necessary cleansing, while jumpstarting you to fulfill your health and wellness goals."

Over the past decade, more than one million men and women have participated in D.TOX, created by Coach Anika and the Life Time team of registered dietitians. The program is designed to reset eating habits, help identify food sensitivities, and kick start results, while providing increased energy, clearer skin, and improved sleep, decreased bloating and stomach issues, and less brain fog. On average, weight loss ranges between 5-7 pounds.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of D. TOX, Life Time is offering the following upon registration:

  • Complimentary virtual class to guide you step-by-step
  • Access to a downloadable guide with a meal plan, whole foods-based recipes, and approved/non-approved foods list
  • Exclusive class participant pricing on the D.TOX Shake Kit (encouraged, but not required to participate and can be purchased online or at a Life Time club)

Life Time's D.TOX health and nutrition program provides users with a multitude of benefits to assist them in their journey including:

  • Weekly to-dos and pro tips from Coach Anika and her team of coaches via email
  • 14-day meal plan, grocery guide, and approved and non-approved foods list
  • Family-friendly D.TOX recipes
  • Tips to best prep your body and home
  • Access to a supportive Facebook community to connect with other participants and stay accountable

"One of the most popular resolutions for many is improving their overall health and fitness regimen and getting a jumpstart on the new year with our D.TOX nutrition plan is a terrific way to launch 2024," said Coach Anika. "The holiday season is always a time for many to indulge on desserts and many offerings they may not consume on a consistent basis. That, combined with inconsistent exercise, increase in caffeine and alcohol intake, and lack of sleep are a few of the signs the body is ready for a reset. D.TOX will provide you with the necessary cleansing, while jumpstarting you to fulfill your health and wellness goals."

For more information, or to register for Life Time's 14-day D. TOX program, click here.

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