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Bahram Akradi

Bahram Akradi founded Life Time®, the premier healthy lifestyle brand, in 1992 with a goal of helping people achieve their health and wellness goals by delivering entertaining, educational, friendly and inviting, functional and innovative experiences with uncompromising quality and unparalleled service. From the very beginning, Akradi led the company with a focus on serving members' needs first with the belief that business results naturally would follow. Nearly 30 years later, it's a principle that has proven itself time and time again. Not only has Life Time established a unique and powerful model in the health and fitness space, the company invented an entirely new industry – Healthy Way of Life – in which Life Time operates in a category of its own.

Today, Akradi continues to apply his more than 35 years of experience in the evolution of Life Time and its brand, beginning with Life Time's category redefining, high-end, multi-purpose health and wellness resorts, and extending to the development of comprehensive, healthy way of life villages that are destined to change the way consumers live, work and play.

Within the ever-changing retail landscape, Akradi has formed partnerships with leading commercial property owners and developers nationwide to transform former mall anchor store spaces into Life Time's large, healthy way of life athletic resort destinations. The company also introduced Life Time Work, an entirely new concept that is redefining the shared workspace industry. Through the thoughtful and deliberate application of space geometry, color psychology, timeless materials and finishes, Life Time has created environments that promote a healthy mindset. Plus, since each Life Time Work membership includes access to its athletic resorts, members and their teams can be productive, engaged and healthy.

Akradi and Life Time now are extending this thinking further with the launch of Life Time Living – high-end, leased residences that combine functional space design, luxurious amenities and finishes, and the latest in connected home technology to provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Here too, Life Time Living residences are being built onsite with several Life Time athletic resorts, meaning resident members always have Life Time's healthy way of life programs and services available within quick reach.

Prior to launching Life Time, Akradi led U.S. Swim & Fitness Corporation (formerly Nautilus Fitness Center, Inc.) from 1984-1989 as co-founder, Executive Vice President, and part owner. U.S. Swim & Fitness was the second-largest health club company in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market when Akradi and his partners sold it to Bally Total Fitness in 1986. After continuing to operate the business as a division of Bally for more than two years, Akradi left the company to develop business plans and secure investors for Life Time, which was launched three years later.

Bahram Akradi has a recurring column in Experience Life magazine. You can read all of his Perspective by Bahram Akradi columns at https://experiencelife.lifetime.life/perspective.

Life Time is headquartered in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Additional Leadership

Senior Vice Presidents

John Brennan
Senior Vice President, Human Capital
Matthew J. Brinza
Senior Vice President, Architecture
and Engineering
Brian J. Everson
Senior Vice President,
New Business Development
Joe Gallagher
Senior Vice President, Corporate Concierge and New Club Openings
John Griffith
Senior Vice President, Real Estate
and Development
Matthew Heinrichs
Senior Vice President, Technology
Bryan Janowiec
Senior Vice President, Facility Operations
Mike Kaiman
Senior Vice President, Construction
Steven Larson Jr.
Senior Vice President, Club
Mark W. Laylin
Senior Vice President, National Sales
Erik A. Lindseth
Senior Vice President, General Counsel
Kevin T. Logan
Senior Vice President, East Region
Renee Main
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Amber McMillan
Senior Vice President, Fitness and Weight Loss
James O'Reilly
President, Life Time Work
Lisa Pollock
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Kimo Seymour
President, Media and Events
David Pettrone Swalve
Senior Vice President, Workforce
Inclusion and Learning Development
Jason Thunstrom
Senior Vice President, Public Relations
and Corporate Communications