Healthy People

Healthy People


Promoting Healthier, Happier Lives

We exist to help people live happier, healthier lives. Whether we're providing innovative fitness programs or on the job training programs, nutrition coaching or career coaching, it's all about supporting and enriching the people whose live we touch.

Life Time Employees
Fitness Professionals

"We invest in our team members through education, experiences and the support of a healthy way of life — all while making Life Time the best place to work."


Jess Elmquist

Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Life Time University

Our Members

We offer our 1.8 Million members a comprehensive personalized and scientific approach to help improve long-term health and wellness. From state-of-the-art classes and nationally-certified instructors to personalized nutrition coaching, specialty lab testing and more, we cater to help with the whole health of our members.

Our Employees

From accountants to personal trainers, club managers to performers, we consider all of our employees integral to the Life Time community. Benefits like club memberships, a family focus and leading-edge programs keep them at the top of their game, personally and professionally.

Meet Jackie Z.

The moment she walked through our door, her life changed forever.

"Energy is contagious, and it's throughout this entire place."


Jackie Z.

Manager, Minnetonka Life Time

Life Time by the Numbers

Average size of Life Time locations: 100,000 square feet | Total size of all Life Time locations: 11,900,000 square feet | Daily Life Time visits: 285,975 | Kids Club attendance: 6,100,000 | Employees: 35,000 | Hours of employee training: 620,000

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