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Life Time Launches MIORA - First-of-Its-Kind Offering for Longevity, Performance and Health Optimization

Proactive, personalized approach uniquely integrates science-based tools and services for health, longevity and performance, concierge medicine, rejuvenation, beauty and aesthetics, and hormone and sexual health

CHANHASSEN, Minn., Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- With the national obesity crisis at an all-time high, the need for proactive, personalized solutions to optimize health has never been greater. To address this and growing consumer demand, Life Time (NYSE:LTH), the nation's premier healthy lifestyle brand, announces the debut of MIORA Longevity and Performance. The Company's first location is now open at Life Time Target Center in Minneapolis, Minn. with plans to expand to additional locations. A virtual MIORA offering is also available through the Company's telehealth technology.

MIORA provides a truly unique, comprehensive approach for managing all aspects of wellness. By targeting longevity, performance, weight loss – or a combination of all three – MIORA helps individuals live longer and healthier by positively affecting the aging process.

Jeff Zwiefel, who has served as Life Time president and COO and holds a distinguished background in exercise physiology and health, is overseeing the delivery of MIORA services in partnership with Dr. James LaValle, creator of the proprietary Metabolic Code® assessment and internationally recognized clinical pharmacist and board-certified clinical nutritionist, and the LX Medical team of doctors, physician assistants, nurses and health experts who provide exceptional, personalized concierge medicine.

MIORA starts with a consultation, followed by a diagnostic blood draw and Metabolic Code assessment to determine the individual's vitality and wellness through these biomarkers:

  • Adrenal, thyroid and pancreas health
  • Gut health, the immune system and the brain
  • Cardiovascular, pulmonary and neurovascular health
  • Liver, lymph and kidney health
  • Hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone)

The MIORA team of experts, including MDs, PAs, RNs, RDs and Dynamic Personal Trainers, then create individualized approaches that include:

  • A personalized health and vitality report based on an individual's current metabolic status, including corrective lifestyle, exercise and dietary actions.
  • A plan designed to overcome metabolic challenges and optimize health by improving metabolism, nutrition, movement, and recovery.
  • Proprietary, medically curated peptides, including GLP-1s when appropriate.
  • Therapeutically validated hormone replacement therapy.
  • Uniquely formulated IV therapies.
  • Aesthetics, including injectables, for the look you want with the latest technology and therapies.
  • Red light therapy, infrared sauna, CryoLounge, hyperbaric chamber, compression therapy.
  • Ongoing tracking of progress and performance goals.

"For more than three decades, Life Time has set an unparalleled standard as the nation's leading healthy lifestyle brand with our places, programs and people," said Zwiefel. "We've never stopped pursuing new ways to help our members optimize their health, improve performance, and live not only longer, but better. MIORA is the next advancement of this pursuit and is an innovative, leading-edge, science-based program that proactively integrates new tools, technology and expertise, while also helping consumers separate valid, evidence-based solutions from hype and sensationalism."

For appropriate candidates, MIORA's offerings will include proprietary, medically curated peptides, including GLP-1s, which are showing to have the potential to change the landscape of weight management and obesity treatment. These will be offered in conjunction with personalized fitness and wellness programs with the objectives of weight loss, preserving lean body mass and improving overall health.

For more information, visit of MIORA Longevity and Performance.

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