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Life Time Files for Access to Data Under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act

CHANHASSEN, Minn., Nov. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The request, which was sent to the Office of Governor Tim Walz and Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan, Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Department of Economic Development and Minnesota IT Services, is as follows:

Dear Responsible Authority:

I am requesting access to government data under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13. Through this request, I am seeking to inspect and/or copy public data created, produced, received, maintained, or disseminated from March 6, 2020, to present and that includes, but is not limited to, any data in documents, letters, emails, text messages, notes, reports, and/or meeting minutes related to:

  1. All data and analyses tracing or associating the spread or transmission of COVID-19 to or with any gymnasium, fitness facility, or pool. For purposes of this request, any reference to gymnasium, fitness facility, or pool includes any Place of Public Accommodation specified in Governor Tim Walz's Emergency Executive Order 20-99, Section 7(c)(iii)(B) and Section 7(c)(iii)(C).
  2. All data regarding Life Time, Inc., LTF Club Operations Company, Inc. and any affiliates ("Life Time").
  3. All data (statistical or otherwise) related to the incidence of the spread or transmission rate of COVID-19 among employees or customers of any gymnasium, fitness facility, or pool.
  4. The system, process, procedure, or methodology used to pair, trace, or otherwise associate the spread of COVID-19 to or with any gymnasium, fitness facility, or pool in Minnesota.
  5. Data that evidence the definition of, and inform a determination that, a COVID-19 cluster or outbreak (or analogue terms) is associated with a likely exposure setting, including, but not limited to, the specific minimum number of COVID-19 cases reported within a specified time period.
  6. Data that indicate any gymnasium, fitness facility, or pool is (or is not) the source of, or otherwise associated with, the transmission or contracting of COVID-19.
  7. Any and all data evidencing consideration of additional COVID-19 risk mitigation measures or restrictions prior to mandating the complete closure of gymnasiums, fitness facilities, or pools (such as wearing face coverings at all times, occupancy and capacity reductions; requiring reservations, etc.).
  8. All data (statistical or otherwise) analyzing or comparing (on one hand) the rate of incidence or spread of, or association of, COVID-19 among or with gyms or fitness centers, or pools (on the other hand) with other Places of Public Accommodation (as defined in Emergency Executive Order 20-99), businesses, or likely exposure settings allowed to remain open, subject to restrictions (masks, social distancing, and reduced capacity), including, but not limited to, retail, places of worship, personal services, etc.

If responsive data are found, I would first like the opportunity to inspect such data prior to identifying specific subsets of data to copy. Please consider this letter a formal request for the indefinite retention of the requested data, pending resolution of the status of this request. This request is on behalf of Life Time, who is the subject of some of the requested data. Please contact me immediately if you need any documentation confirming that this request is made on behalf of Life Time.

As required by Section 13.03, Subd. 3(f) of the Minnesota Statutes, I am requesting if any portion of my request is denied, or you provide redacted data in response to the request, you certify in writing the request has been denied and cite the specific statutory section, temporary classification, or other provision of law upon which you base the denial. I am further requesting such a certification either orally at the time of the request or in writing as soon after that time as possible.



Erik A. Lindseth
General Counsel

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