Life Time CEO Bahram Akradi Perspective on Current COVID-19 Situation

CHANHASSEN, Minn., Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is an open statement and video from Life Time Founder, CEO and Chairman Bahram Akradi with his perspective on how to move forward on the back half of the COVID-19 pandemic. The video link is here.

"I would like to share my perspective on how we may move forward on the back half of dealing with COVID. After nearly nine months since we first started facing this virus, we now have a lot more data and facts that we can put to work.

Our Biggest Objectives are:

  1. To save the most lives.
  2. Keep the hospitals and medical community from getting overwhelmed.
  3. And to get our lives closest to normalcy as fast as possible. 

Here are steps we all should be taking:

Social Distancing:

Proper and mindful social distancing by all individuals and businesses needs to be on the forefront to combat this virus until vaccines are readily available in our communities.


Masks reduce the rate of spread by reducing the number of droplets coming out of an infected person's mouth. People can choose from a variety of different masks for different situations. And, masks do not take away our freedom. They actually improve freedom for all of us by keeping more activities open.


Every citizen should look up and know all the accessible locations for quick tests. If someone suspects he/she may have been exposed, or has any symptoms at all, quarantining immediately and getting tested is key. In the event of a positive test, people need to reach out to their doctor and take all measures available as fast as they can. This will benefit them since the best way to attack any virus is early. Hopefully, it will be a milder case by immediate response. People will help the community by stopping your contact with others and not spreading this virus. 


When the vaccine arrives, it should be strictly prioritized for the elderly, those with underlying conditions and people working in the medical field, frequently exposed to the virus.

Life Time is committed to help each state and city by offering our facilities as additional places for testing, vaccinations or any other help needed from Life Time."

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SOURCE Bahram Akradi, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Life Time, Inc.

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