Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

We’re proud to celebrate and uplift the unique and diverse histories, contributions and stories of our Hispanic and Latino Life Time members and team members. Explore all the ways you can join the celebration from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 with recipes, kids crafts, important conversations and more in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Strength in Community
  • 60M

    Hispanic citizens in the U.S.

  • 73k

    Life Time members identify as Hispanic

  • 2.6k

    Life Time team members identify as Hispanic

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Learn and Celebrate Together


Alejandra’s Family-Style Ceviche

Join Alejandra and Sergio for a live cooking demonstration as they prepare her mother’s own delicious, flavorful ceviche recipe as part of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

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How to Make Papel Picado

Join Life Time Kids team member Damaris to learn how to create papel picado, a traditional Mexican paper-cutting art, and make your own colorful banner to hang at home.



How to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month As an Ally

A Latina writer and coach reflects on her cultural identity and offers ideas for education, advocacy and community connection.

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Día de los Muertos Sugar Skulls

Watch Life Time Kids team member Damaris teach you how to make sugar skull-inspired decorations for your Día de los Muertos celebration or to place on your home ofrendas this year.

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4 Life Time Team Members Share Their Favorite Family Recipes

Food, family and tradition are diverse ingredients within the Hispanic and Latino communities. Enjoy the stories, flavors and cuisine proudly shared in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Painted Rocks With Taíno Symbols

Craft time is creative and fun, but it’s also a great way to learn. Join Life Time Kids to explore some of the Taíno symbols found in Caribbean petroglyphs and studied by archaeologists.

Watch Taíno Craft Video

Our Voices. Our Pride. Our Team Members.

“Every month is Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month. We live this heritage 24/7/365 that's made up of rich, diverse African, Indigenous and European cultures. Every day, we live, celebrate and honor all of the shared identities that make us who we are — through our ancestors, modern-day struggles and our collective futures.”
— Maximo Anguiano, Life Time San Antonio 281

“I grew up in the Dominican Republic before moving to the United States. Teaching Zumba® has always been my passion, representing my heritage and also my second home, Life Time.”
— Jeimy Bueno Prisby, Life Time Westchester

“There is a Hispanic saying, ‘One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder.’ When you allow yourself to embrace all that is in you, it is then that you start to live the life of greatness that was intended for you. Invest in you. Believe in you. Porque todo es posible para él que cree.”
— Jeanette Vela, Life Time San Antonio At The Rim

“My Puerto Rican abuela (grandma) gave me this beautiful stone name alum and told me, ‘Use this in your skin, and you will age gracefully.’ I must say, I’ve found the fountain of youth! Alum stones are a mineral salt in crystal form that is made of potassium alum, which has antimicrobial properties — a big part of why they work, and it has been used for generations.”
— Doris Rivera, Life Time Garland

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